London Links

New to London or want find out more about where you live? 
These are the places I looked at and thought they were pretty good sites

London related

London A-Z A Street map and a UK map book - brill!
Time Out World-wide City Guides - also a good London guide!
Techno Clubs Some of the clubs in London - take your own E!
Places An excellent guide to other 'places' in the UK
More Places Another good guide about Britain
Lost Sheep Last tube times, TV, opinions, gigs, clubs etc.
Tube HELL A Londoners perspective on tube travel

London as a Tourist

London's Official Web Excellent site for Tourism
Where to stay Accommodation search engine!
Hotel Search Accommodation search engine!
YMCA hostels Cheap hostels
The Museum of London THE Museum for London - new fun site with good links.
Royal Greenwich Observatory including the meridian
Victoria and Albert Museum Treasures from around the world
The National Portrait Gallery  
The Natural History Museum Dinosaurs!
The Science Museum Fun, Fun - press buttons!

Various "guides" to London and services...

London EventGuide
London metroguide
London Links
theLondon Net
Virtual London
View London Excellent "to do" site
UCL's London Guide Good Pub Guides particularly, lots of other information and links too.
The London Theatre Guide What's On, and seating plans for many theatres.
Lonely Planet Destination - LONDON

Job Search In London

London Careers
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