Men in White is a stylish, action-packed series taking the ingenuity of three maverick scientists out on the road. Each show sees 3 or 4 fascinating pleas for help from real people who have everyday problems which they hope the Men in White can solve.

Intelligent, sexy and cool, the Men In White behave like old friends and a sense of playful competitiveness prevails between them. The contrasting characters and skills are evident in the way the guys collaborate – or come to blows – over each challenge. Their fact-packed, witty banter and intellectual sparring fuels each show with a can-do energy.

As the Men in White dash between their funky laboratory-workshop and their needy patients they are united in their goal to serve the public and spread the word about science. The fraught Docs are on a mission to design and conquer – but each client has a deadline and success is never guaranteed.

Each week the Men in White will decide on whose problems they accept – and who to reject. They will explore the weird and wonderful statistics and facts behind each plea before using the powers of science to come up with an ingenious piece of kit or a quirky experiment to help each person’s plight.

Using inspirational lateral thinking, exciting engineering and topical technology, the Men in White help diverse and bizarre characters. Harry finally gets his own back on the car clampers. They create a dog poo freeze dryer for Helen’ mum, and a silent hairdryer for Charley. Deep-sleeper Wendy’s new wake up alarm is simply shocking!

The dramatic flash and bang of applying madcap (but solid!) science to real people’s lives is matched by great emotive stories as the Men in White save relationships, jobs, individual sanities and set a few hearts a-flutter along the way.

words from Tiger Aspect

The Workshop
Science Desk

Office to workshop device

One of the materials stores
The set builders

The shoot continues :) "matter transporter mk1" shoot day 24

Theres no pie in 'ere!

Awaiting its 1st test, with a monkey... 

"Ah, wait, we don't have one... BAZ!"


Wait until you see what we shot (not until its aired!!) 

Graham Day - Director of Photography
"Sounds feasible...Lets give it a go!"

"smiffy" - Gaffer
"Woody.... I need a few of your bits"

The "Vortexerette"
Try it TODAY!

Shoot day 27
Martin Morrison - Director Martin

Il Directore

Adam Rutherford - Presenter Adam

Dr Rutherfords world of raised eyebrows

Baz Singer - PresenterBaz Singer - Presenter Baz

Chillin' in the chill out room

Jem Stansfield - Presenter Jem

Defying gravity with a drill powered
"Pole Climber"


Shoot Day 29

Oeeeeeer Very Pythonesque :)

Baz investigates Adam's foot for a
Dr Rutherford's World of Hygiene sketch


Random Pix
Basil   Adam goes all zombie! Gemma :P   Gemma & Rachael   That was fun!
  Yo! Graham - DoP Nice legs Sally   Neil - Sound Argh! The Blob   hot foot?
Gary goes punk   yes it smelled REAL bad! Medium to well done please...   WOOF!
Pimp my prosthesis ((an)   Yes, it was wet and cold!!! Jay & Kate having fun   Kate Harding - Production Assistant
Anthony Philipson - Director   Mo! - Location manager   JOHHNY!!! - Researcher  Lobster cameraman :)   Mo.... Hmmmmmmm


Wrap party!

Graham Day - DoP   camera, sound, lights yes, you directed 2   IZZY!!!
Sim - cheeky chappie Sim & Gary
Isobel & Neil  Isobel & Baz Isobel & Bas
Chris & Richard Graham behind the bar
Martin & Rachael   nice :) OY YOU!   CIDER!!!
Twice as nice or double trouble?   Kate, Chris & Bas Bruce!!!   I'm risk assessing the bar
Nice :)   Coathanger - cheek! Yay! Gemma