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Gypsy Moth

"Gypsy Moth"

From a BBC job in 1981, "The Amy Johnson Story"

Canon A1 70-210 Kodak Ektachrome E6 (home developed)

Hmmm, scented "Sweet Pebbles"

Scented wooden pebbles. Ornaments in my apartment, they smell of sweet Patchouli oil if you hold them in your hand.

Stonework Using the same technique as above, single point soft lighting.
It works well to give good 3-d modelling

see pictures in the portrait section to see more results

Beautiful stone masonry in St Thomas' Church in Wells, Somerset

From my digicam, just a test to see how close it could be made to focus.

Philips hi-res CCD camera fitted with  fujinon lens

ring ring

"IN the fone"

Taken from a home processed slide (E6). The effect was a multiple exposure IN the camera, no darkroom 'trickery' was used. approx 1982

Canon A1  Ektachrome 160 ASA Professional Tungsten Balance


"24 karat"

Detail of a Saudi Arabian bracelet.
Photographed at the studios for a client
Nikon f2 photomic 55mm macro 60/f22 -studio strobes & lightboxes



Osterley Park, London
Autumn 2001

50mm Macro - 100 ASA, 30th/f4

waterdrops "Waterdrops"

Osterley Park, London
Autumn 2001

50mm 1:1 macro - 100 ASA 15th/f5.6

Tulips in Amsterdam "Blaze Of Colour"

Tulips for sale at a market in Amsterdam

Canon EOS1n 28-80 zoom

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