Contact Sheet #9

 Shapes in Photography

Circles, Squares, Spirals, Diagonals, Curves & Arches


london-eye.jpg (54336 bytes) "Keep Your Eye On It"

Moody picture of The London Eye

Taken from Westminster Bridge

Canon EOS1n 28-80zoom - 125/f8 - FUJI 400 c41


underpier01.jpg (38543 bytes) Underneath the pier at Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

A nice perspective shot

very slow shutter speed to get huge depth of field
Canon EOS1n 28-80zoom - 8th/f22 - FUJI 400 c41

kew06.jpg (69974 bytes) "Old Curves"

One of the gorgeous old cast iron staircases in the Victorian 
tropical house at Kew Gardens, London.
Truly a worthwhile day out 

Canon EOS1n 28-80 - FUJI 100 REALA

kew07.jpg (89731 bytes) "New Lines"
The new Princess Diana plant house at Kew Gardens, London
There are over 10 totally different environments;
Desert, tropical , marsh etc.
Canon EOS1n 50mm/macro1.4 - FUJI 100 REALA
lakes02.jpg (88537 bytes) "Driven By The Wind"
Where even nature is shaped by the elements
Sunset over the wind farm. Cumbria, Summer 2002. 
Where the mountains channel the wind from the Irish Sea 
Canon EOS1n - 100-300zoom - 60th/f8 - FUJI 400 c41
misty01.jpg (33945 bytes) "Dawn Mist In Amsterdam"

One misty morning in Amsterdam. 

Canon EOS1n 100-300zoom - 60th/f8 - FUJI 400 c41


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