the UNDERNET - Internet Relay Chat, or IRC


IRC is a text based real-time chat system with literally millions of users. There are many "networks" each with its own 'chat rooms'. You can choose networks based on geography or interests... All you need is a relatively easy to use IRC client to access this service, the client I use is called mIRC

The largest IRC networks can have as many as tens of thousands of users and channels at any one time, while smaller networks that cater to specific interests may have only a few hundred users. Some of the more popular networks currently are: DALnet, EFnet, IRCnet, QuakeNet, Undernet and Webchat.

You can usually find me in the "Undernet" in a variety of chatrooms, using various nicknames.

A- EF - PR - Z
  Good Pals

Over the years I've chatted to, and met, some real good people in the various chat rooms I frequent.

Here are some of their pictures


These people are the ones I can truly call friends, and would gladly invite to my home. I've met some of them and would go the extra mile to meet the rest - one day!

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