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Approx location

star sign note
anneee Ontario, Canada

4th Nov

Annahhh  USA
Bad2Bone Surrey, England

Bebeluska Bucharest, Romania 3rd July
BenG^ Fulwell, England
Benway Worksop, England

2nd Sep

Bohemia  Spain  7th Feb
BritDiva  Leicester, England 13th May
CaptKidd California, USA
Cardy Shorpshire, England 26th Aug
CelticGem Camberley, England 1st May
Cheech England 5th Sep
chickie-p Philadelphia, USA 13th Apr
Cycrow  England
DaMutzNutz London, England 11th Apr AKA smiffycom
DiabloSV Cardiff, Wales
Enola-Gay West London, UK 11th Apr AKA smiffycom
Exodies Luxembourg 27th May

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