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1977 400/4 F2

1977 CB400 F2 (460) 1977 CB400 F2 (460) 1977 CB400 F2 (460)

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Aquired 11 April 2006

A pretty and very standard looking specimen. Sometime in the past it has undergone the Yoshimura 460 big bore kit which is a normal period tweak. It has been a "popular" bike with its previous owners - its showing 98,000 miles on the clock! (11th April06)
As aquired Front end strip down badly rusted steering bearings
as aquired Front end strip down Rusted steering
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work in progress nearly 100,000 miles! work in progress
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clean and mean! super shiny super shiny

A lovely classic to ride, has a few 'issues' and a couple of cosmetic areas that could be improved. But it still gets many admiring glances and interest at various local 'biker' establishments (Ace Cafe, Box Hill etc)


Update, July 2007
Now Undergoing major renovations..

A large box of stainless steel nuts, bolts and allen bolts came my way, so the bike has had pretty much every 'standard' sized fastener swapped to a stainless replacement.

I bought another 400/4 to use as a donor for parts. So far I've only swapped over minor parts, but I intend to use the bottom end of the engine - The donor has had a major rebuild merely a 1000 miles ago. All the extraneous parts will be cleaned up a bit then shipped out on E-bay :)

I'm stripping the donor bike right now, so I'm making good use of the bike before the engine gets swapped over. Basically, the problems as it stands are :- annoying oil leak from the head gasket, noisy timing chain and worst of all - it will jump out of 2nd gear if ridden with 'gusto' and will 'roll out' of 2nd, back into neutral on the over-run, if putting along in traffic.
By delving into the bikes history, I managed to bump into one of its former owners the other night. I met her at a local Honda Owners Club meeting... Jude, a very nice lady :)  I found out a fair bit of info about the bike in its earlier 'life' from her and other club members who have used/borrowed the bike in the past... apart from the Yellow tank and sidepanels, she said the bike was 'looking good'. Reality is, the tank and panels are the best condition out of the parts I have, and Yellow is one of the standard colours the bike came in.
Generally I'm not too keen on Owners Clubs as "modifications" are sometimes frowned upon by the 'anoraks'. But I have to say, they were an amenable bunch and I may well make it a regular haunt.
Left hand switchgear Renovating the switchgear was fun! 30 years of corrosion, manky grease, minute ball bearings, springs and fiddly contacts... But it was worth the effort and a shiny repaint! Right hand switchgear


As a side issue
15May05-01.jpg (129721 bytes)

STOLEN 24th SEP 2005
500 Reward for finder
Model : ST50
Reg number ABE 704K
frame ST50-133659