1993 Nissan Micra 1.3 Super S

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Bought from E-Bay for the princely sum of 161.00

Came with  bald tyres, handbrake not working on one wheel, dropped drivers door, squeaking tailgate, flat spare tyre, dull paintwork, choked air filter, dirty engine oil, little or no anti-freeze, loose battery, loose fan belt and a heap of other problems


Fitted 14" 'minilite' style wheels with 185/65/14 tyres, replaced the rear shock absorbers with gas shocks. Re-hung the drivers door with new hinge pins, . Drained and refilled the cooling system with the correct coolant mix. Reset the odometer to zero and performed a thorough service. Washed the whole car, engine included. Compounded, T-Cut and waxed the exterior. 
the little beastie now runs really nice and seems to be doing about 38/45 mpg - it might be a little better as the wheel size may be making the speedo/mileometer read low - checks to come.

A few items have since been dealt with, a drag start from a set of lights toasted the clutch, and a 2nd hand radiator cured an annoying 'borderline' overheating problem when driving at speed.


Its not a bad car, and handles the curves really well - suprising a lot of other 'boy racers' with its handling. The fuel consumption is around 40mpg, and apart from a few niggles with doorlocks and a pesky misfire it developed a while ago - Its proved to be a sweet little car