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I suppose some general stuff is what I'm meant to have here....
This was a quick page I made, I intend to add much, much more when time permits. But there's some pictures to go see, and a list of sites I frequent.

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I was born in Wells, Somerset UK and moved to London when I was young, so I consider myself as a Londoner really. When I left school I worked as an apprentice  mechanic for Fiat and later for Ferrari. I then had a brief spell as a design draughtsman - didn't like that.  So I moved into specialist vehicles... Airport fire tenders, generators, that sort of thing. Through a roundabout route I ended up in the film industry as an electrician, where I worked as a contractor for the BBC and many other TV/Film companies. While there I 'discovered' good photography, and went on to learn and hone my photography skills from excellent advice and encouragement from award winning Film & TV cameramen. 

Right now, I'm not working on anything specific because of health issues, but I'm restoring a couple of my motorbikes and selling a couple already restored... I need the money!

My hobbies currently include motorcycling and cars,  Macro (close up) Photography, music, and computers the rest of the time.


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