1981 DT250MX


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work in progress

Parts prior to re-fitting

It was "found" lying in the back of a garage in 1998 with less than 800 miles on the clock from new!! Some parts were corroded into nothing as the battery de-composed.. namely the battery tray, battery holder and chain guard. It was lightly seized but a simple soak of oil down the spark plug hole freed it off. All it really took in spares was a chain & sprocket set, some brake shoes, a battery and a complete change of all the oils...

Its fitted with a non standard exhaust stinger, but is a contemporary item as it was fitted in 1981. The headlamp grille says "off-highway use" but looks like a factory fitment.

The bike has now covered 1,200 miles and is run-in again. While I was waiting in line for its M.O.T. (annual vehicle inspection) I had FIVE offers to buy it from me - even the vehicle examiner!


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looks nice eh?

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