1976 Yamaha DT 250


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"The Nail"

1976 DT250 Enduro
model designation 512
At home on the trail
 With low Scandinavian spec mudguard
now with low mudguard

At home on the trail

Bought for pennies in 1985 as a "8 previous owners" vehicle with just about everything falling apart.

In 1985 it was rebuilt with many new parts, then used as a general hack. The intention was to use the bike just over the fields and as a commuter bike I could leave at work when I  went away for weeks at end.

It has suffered many stages of abuse, acquiring the dubious name of "The Nail" because of the many hammerings it has taken. Maintenance was minimal, and despite it all - it stayed in one piece. It died in 1999 with a seized engine (the autolube cable snapped). It was rebuilt over a period of 9 months in 2004/5, delays in getting parts was the issue... Its now running and is almost back to new!
After a bearing failed, the engine was again completely rebuilt (Apr 2007). In this 'incarnation' I have pushed the boat out and really spent some time with the little details... and it IS like new! In fact, better than new. I acquired a substantial amount of surgical grade stainless nuts, bolts, screws & allen bolts... So, every sensibly changeable nut, bolt and screw has been changed to stainless :)

  Latter stages of rebuild - Sept 2005
    Almost complete Back end, painted and built.    
Front end, all rebuilt/painted Pictures taken during a "dry run" at assembly. Each part was checked and fitted, mostly it stayed assembled. Only a few parts 'needed attention'.
 The petrol and oil tanks are yet to be painted.
Model *512*
New Parts! 1st Mar 2007
I managed to get from e-bay a brand new chain guard and  a very nice condition petrol and oil tank - even in the correct colour!
from E-bay

16 April 2007
After only 100 miles, one of the main bearings decided to start rumbling - bloody annoying.
I had a spare engine to scavenge spares from, so that's all stripped and all the best bits are put to one side. 
I bought a set of new Main Bearings and Crankshaft oil seals today, so... 
1 rapid strip and rebuild coming up !

17th April 2007

Yamaha "pedalo" the "donkey"
Out came the engine Strip down here you come
New Main Bearing Back in!
bearing # 6206 Back in the frame


18 April 2007

New Clutch
New clutch New Piston
It Lives!  
Running again! Also fitted was a different oil pump kickstart mechanism, clutch basket & hub, new clutch plates & springs. All that remains now is to run the bloody thing in again.
Lighting Coil rebuild - HOW TO

Rebuilding? these guys are good. Fast delivery!!!
Grampian Motorcycle Engineers - 0151 9315009

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